UK's authentic 40s dance!

The authentic 1940s dance is coming to Carentan, Normandy on 2 June 2017!


with DJ Chris "Swing Shift" Reynolds

The Stage Door Canteen dance is a re-creation of the wartime allied forces social club providing entertainment for the troops.


Les organisateurs du "Camp Arizona" à Carentan, Normandie, nous ont gracieusement invité à tenir notre prochaine danse à leur événement le vendredi 2 Juin 2017.

The organisers of "Camp Arizona" in Carentan, Normandy, have kindly invited us to hold our next dance at their event on Friday 2 June 2017.


How it all began...

The first Stage Door Canteen dance was set up and run by Deborah (Mrs.D) with her team of doughnut dollies at the War and Peace Show in 1998 in a small marquee with a tea urn, a few tables and chairs but lots of friends coming along for a cuppa in that hot Beltring sun! Tickets for the jump jive dance in the evening were for selected guests only and that fantastic night was to prompt many more in the following years.

Mrs.D at the first Stage Door Canteen in 1998
Staff of the first Stage Door Canteen in 1998
Stage Door Canteen's first sign in 1998

Volunteers and Doughnut Dollies of the only Stage Door Canteen that took place at the War and Peace Show, 1998.

The Stage Door Canteen’s very first sign,

painted by Deborah and her son Lee in 1998.

Staff rehearsing for the evening’s entertainment.

Jump jiving at the Stage Door Canteen, 1998.

Jiving at the Stage Door Canteen's in 1998
Stage Door Canteen staff rehearsing

Host Mike

Stage Door Canteen hostess Mrs.D
Stage Door Canteen host Mike



19 years down the road we are delighted to say we are still here and have now given the Stage Door Canteen a BIGGER spring in its step to go on for many years to come!

Mrs. D. welcoming guests

DJ ‘Swing Shift’ Chris Reynolds in action

Looking forward to greeting you at our next dance!

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