UK's authentic 40s dance!

Next Stage Door Canteen:

"Camp Arizona", Carentan, 2 June 2017 at 20h00

Camp Arizona

Rassemblement international

de Collectionneurs


Rue de la Guingette

50500 Carentan




Please note that the dance starts at 20h00 (not 21h00)

The ethos of the Stage Door Canteen dance

Authenticity is the key at the Stage Door Canteen dance, so in order to create a true 1940s atmosphere we hold a strict dress code and only play original popular wartime music. We cordially invite members of WW2 re-enactment groups and the 1940s living history scene to come along and enjoy an authentic night out at the Stage Door Canteen.


If in doubt what to wear, contact us:


Stage Door Canteen staff reserves the right to refuse entry on the night.